Why you should host in Switzerland

Things to be considered before choosing where to host your ...

Posted on May 9, 2017

If you’re planning to operate your services in a datacenter, you might ask yourself: Which provider should I take? You may be searching for the cheapest option or a regional datacenter. That makes sense! But there are other factors that you should take into consideration before making a final decision.

Where are your customers located?

Position your servers close to your customers. Your data travels over several network hubs before reaching the user – if there are too many, it can create a delay (the so-called latency). A good website should load within 3 seconds to avoid a drastic increase of the dropout quote.

Are your customers located in a different area from your company? Then you might want to consider checking providers closer to your customers.


Located in the center of Europe, Switzerland is the ideal provider for the entire European continent.

Data safety

Check the data protections law in your country of choice. The US changed their data protection law recently, so that ISPs can give out their users data to the authorities without their consent. Be careful! The EU has a strict data protection law that forbids websites and applications to give you data to third parties without your consent. 

Although Switzerland is not a part of the EU, its data protection law is very similar. Besides that your content will be secured by the Swiss copyright.


Politics and economy

Your servers are stored inside the datacenter. If the building suffers damage, your data might be in danger as well. Countries that involve themselves into political conflicts, raise their chances of being exposed to hostile attacks and infrastructural damage. Also the power supply and professional support of the datacenter can’t be ensured anymore in emergency situations. Unstable politics are often followed by an unstable economy and currency. If the currency fluctuates, the fees of your subscription in the datacenter might change over time.

Switzerland is politically neutral and doesn’t involve itself into armed conflicts. Furthermore it is surrounded by the alps and therefore difficult to invade. The country’s economy is stable and offers steady energy costs.

Natural catastrophes

Stable politics are not the only security factors in a datacenter. Natural catastrophes can endanger your data due to power cuts or damages to the building. This includes tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and forest fires or anything that can destroy the infrastructure of the region or the building itself.

Besides minor floods and earthquakes, Switzerland has been save from natural disasters. The alpine landscape and temperate climate protect the country from devastating natural catastrophes.


Data Center Light

Data Center Light scores in every category. It is located in Central Europe, close to urban areas where a quick and reliable Internet connection is guaranteed, while your data is secured.

DSC_6951 copy.jpg

By renovating former factory building, we can avoid expensive construction investments while preserving the architecture of the industrial region Glarus. We managed to find the ideal layout for our server rooms, which lets the heat escape naturally without any cooling system needed. Therefore we can save around 40% in energy costs. Not only do we save money, we also decrease our ecological footprint radically.


Furthermore we work with open source software that doesn’t require paying any license costs. With all those saved expenses we can offer the cheapest hosting in Switzerland.

For additional information about our data center visit: http://www.datacenterlight.ch