You made it!

The expansion of Data Center Light begins!

Posted on Feb. 11, 2018

Dear our crowdfunding supporters,

you made it! During 3 months of crowdfunding campaign we have sold 269,405 CHF of our public shares! 

We would like to thank each of you for your support, by support we mean financially, by the media or by having countless interesting discussions with us. 

We are still at the very beginning stage of our mission with the ungleich glarus ag. Yet as a team we are strongly convinced, that we will be successful and will bring great things to canton Glarus. 

Behind ungleich stands a great community: an extraordinary workteam, awesome partners and fantastic supporters. And not only that: our home, canton Glarus is a place for and from entrepreneurs - here we support and help each other.

How does it go from here? The official steps. 

First of all our team will check all the formalities- if all subscription certificates(Zeichnungsscheine) are there and if all the payments are made. 

Then the notary will carry out the capital increase. The account where you have sent the money will be reviewed and finally, your shares will be registered at ungleich glarus ag. 

As soon as this part is done, all supporters will receive a confirmation of the capital increase.

The mission

With the help from your investment we will expand the range of Data Center Light further with following points.

Development of location in Linthal 

Our datacenter location in Schwanden has reached its maximum capacity and now we require more room for further growth. The location in Linthal offers more than 600m² space for our hardware and further expansion possibilities. The plan is to go live with the first servers in Linthal until the end of February. 

Network expansion

We are expecting that some of our customers will need faster connection in the near future. Therefore in the mid-term, the current 1 Gbit/s line needs to be extended. Since we must expand the network anyway, we also offer other companies in canton Glarus to go online via fast fiber optic network. (

Customer acquisition

Now the main focus is getting new customers and ramping up the sales of virtual machines(VMs). For this we will concentrate on exploring marketing channels and the media. As a newcomer, we will address the customers in the niche markets first.

The future

We are delighted to keep you updated and informed about how we move forward, and at times even backwards. For this reason we would like to set up a newsletter in the coming days, so you could subscribe yourselves if interested. 

We very much look forward to inviting our shareholders to the next AGM in the Spinnerei Linthal, and to getting to know each other in person better.

Once again we would like to thank each of you for your generous support. Our entire team at ungleich is excited about the future. Now, we can start the journey of building a data center in Digital Glarus!

The ungleich train is departing, all passengers please get in!

Your team ungleich

Arvind Tiwari, Carole Rüttimann, Darko Poljak, Dominique Roux, Kamila Součková, Marc Auer, Mondi Ravi, Nico Schottelius, Samuel Hailu, Sanghee Kim